Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dinner for None!

Sorry everyone.....I was afk before MoP, then been playing MoP since. With 8 toons to level, professions,etc, I haven't had time to really see the world.

I did manage to catch a breather and found this little gem while doing Archy on Anti. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

For the Trees!

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I really like Resto Druids....

One of my new Twitter friends (@wowmartiean) put out a Resto Druid Spell Review for the MoP beta today. 

This lead to a Twitter Discussion that lead me to zomg I remember I have so many screen shots of Antimatter before the Cata Prepatch hit that took away Tree Form as a perma form. I'm not going to rehash here how pissed off I was about all of that, because Blizzard has made amends in MoP and letting us choose to have it back.

I will not discuss how bitter I am about missing an entire expansion of no tree form screen shots. 
I will just show you all of the cool things I didn't get this expansion because tree form was gone. 

The night before the patch that took away Perma Tree Form, the Druids on The Scryers got together for an impromptu party in Dalaran. 

This party got out of hand quite quickly. We decided that we needed to be in Moonglade; the only place Druids find peace. 

This lead to us deciding that we were going to take our frustration out on the horde flight path NPC.  

Which lead to us deciding that Thrall had to die. 

We had all an all Druid run, with the exception of the lone Mage, Tiffin. 
(We needed some way to get outta there quick!)

Good times were had by all. It took 28 minutes for Thrall to Die.

In Cata, this is probably the closest I came to getting a Tree Form Screen Shot in raid, and that was because I made Withers really freaking big. 

I can't wait for MoP!


This is the funniest thing ever.....Awesome Job!!!

Days Gone By......

I was looking through some photos and screen shots, and I wonder what people a few generations down the road are going to think of all of the pictures and screen shots people take now. 

Anyone else sad when they lost their Chocolate Shoppe on Facebook?

Here's one of the coolest Farmville pics I ever had.

That one was a ton of fun to grow. Took me about 4 days if I remember right. Maybe only 3. 

This was the first screen shot I got from my very best girlfriend. It's of the first time they killed Maly. 

This is the first screen shot I ever took in WoW. This was before I learned about Add Ons. I had only been playing WoW for about 3 weeks at this point. 

I was really big into The Sims for a while, however all of those pics are on a hard drive in storage. 

I also have some pics from Second Life.

Someday I hope to hunt down my very first screen shot. It was of the high score on a Commodore 64 game called Kaboom! You were supposed to take a photo of the TV and mail it in to them when you got 3000 points. I know I have that photo around somewhere.....